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A CMMS...for companies of all sizes?

It is often thought that CMMS tools are reserved for large companies: big mistake! As we have seen previously, at the beginning of their activity, companies can use tools such as Excel which quickly become insufficient as they grow.

Installing a professional CMMS tool is quickly profitable, and not only for large companies that have more cash: SMEs are therefore well advised to take an active interest.

Indeed, maintenance management in SMEs is crucial: The productivity of the company is directly linked to the availability of equipment: Poor maintenance can lead to large losses: A good evolution is therefore based on a good management.

Another point concerning SMEs: Maintenance management is often handled by multi-skilled technical departments: In general, technicians directly manage orders and stocks of spare parts, while team leaders are responsible for planning interventions. Nowadays, the complexity of machines makes it increasingly difficult to maintain them. However, outsourcing maintenance is not necessarily an economically viable solution for these companies. They therefore need an efficient CMMS tool.

And at Matrix, we are adaptable: You need a simple solution? We offer you a CMMS with the functionalities that interest you and at a very competitive price! Do you need a tailor-made solution? We provide you with a unique solution perfectly adapted to your company.

Small or large projects, simple or complex objectives, small or large budgets, together we build the Matrix that suits you.

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