They trust us

Strand Cosmetics Europe

 "Strand Cosmetics Europe is a company that specialises in the development of cosmetic productsthat has existed since 1953

Cyril Goux manages the maintenance of the production site in Lentilly in the Lyon region and has been using Matrix-Industry since 2015.

The request was to implement a simple and flexible software to replace the existing system. After studying and comparing different solutions, Matrix-Industry seemed to best meet these criteria.

The product was quickly and completely assimilated by the different users who use it daily very easily.

The possibility of making individual records per user profile is valuable, because you don't get lost with data that doesn't concern you.

Matrix-Industry is perfect for meeting the numerous audits of our customers as well as the standards (22716) and the 9001 organisation." 

Cyril Goux, responsable maintenance 


 "Matrix Engine is a very easy to use solution.

The user interface is intuitive and the system can be easily customised, all at a very affordable price and with very responsive customer service." 

 Coline Force, responsable QSE

Usine geothermique de Bouillante

 Efficient, complete, inexpensive and easy to use, Matrix Engine is a very satisfactory software. Moreover, it is a fully customisable solution that allowed us to monitor the daily evolution of our temperature, pressure and production parameters, which are so important for a geothermal plant. Our needs were far from CMMS, but the flexibility of Matrix and the availability and skills of the teams enabled us to set up our daily rounds including all the control points.

In addition, the daily reporting that we send to the parent company (United States) complies in every respect with the recommendations." 

Pierre Beguin, plant manager 


 "The software is very easy to use, the interface is simple and intuitive, we quickly got the hang of it! We have noticed a significant improvement in our maintenance planning.

In addition, SIC's customer support service has always been able to find a solution to our improvement requests within a very short timeframe ." 

Ludovic Gagniere, responsable maintenance 


 "Easy to use CMMS, good ergonomics, responsive team, Matrix Engine has been with us for 8 years now and we are very satisfied." 

Jean-Jacques Obled, responsable maintenance