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Excel solution or CMMS solution?

Excel has long been the main tool for maintenance management in companies

But then, why replace it with CMMS software?

Au début de leur activité, la plupart des entreprises possèdent peu d’équipements, l’utilisation d’Excel peut alors être suffisante. Mais dès lors qu’une organisation souhaite s’agrandir et mise tout sur sa croissance, ce type d’outil ne suffit plus ; En effet, on est vite limite avec les fonctionnalités d’Excel.  Notamment ;

For data entry: The larger the company, the more data it has to process: If we use Excel, the risk of making mistakes is high. A CMMS reduces to zero the possible loss of data

For data entry, the readability of Excel tables is not very good

A CMMS software like Matrix will allow the use of a dynamic schedule where we can add and move interventions as we wish. Employees are then automatically informed of any changes in their schedule.

The progress of our operations can therefore be consulted in real time and this makes our lives much easier!

Furthermore, Excel slows down productivity and when a company aspires to evolve (as in most cases), this is a big problem! Indeed, it is often complicated to share files in real time whereas the planning of maintenance actions must be collaborative, as it requires a constant exchange of information

Moreover, technicians are very mobile: their efficiency depends on a good flow of data and information, impossible with Excel. Indeed, it does not lend itself well to use on a laptop or a tablet

And that's not all!

Compared to Excel, the CMMS has other great advantages and allows to:

  • recenser l’ensemble des équipements à entretenir et leurs caractéristiques techniques, notamment en enregistrant les documents correspondant ;
  • planifier et suivre les demandes d’interventions ;
  • saisir des rapports de maintenance ;
  • consulter l’historique des interventions pour chaque équipement ;
  • gérer les droits d’accès et de modification pour chaque type d’utilisateur ;
  • gérer les stocks de pièces détachées ;
  • to have maintenance statistics
  • Integrate with all types of software (ERP, BIM, etc.) to provide the company with ever more powerful tools

In addition, unlike Excel, we constantly accompany our clients

Yes, but Excel is free when CMMS has a cost:

Although the implementation of CMMS software inevitably has a cost, this cost must be put into perspective

At Matrix, we offer the possibility of having access to its solutions through the subscription of a monthly or annual licence, thus avoiding having to make a substantial and uncertain financial investment

In addition, the time and productivity savings offered by the CMMS software compared to Excel more than compensate for this cost in a short period of time

So convinced? Need a demo? It's over here 😉

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