Expert in software solutions that exploit operational data

Aviagroup chose Matrix_Engine, seduced by the adaptation and configuration capabilities, to develop its maintenance solution specialized in aeronautical maintenance : Matrix Aviation

Thanks to our experience of more than 30 years in deploying CMMS solutions and designing tools for technical services in more than 15 countries, we have been able to create "agile" software, fully adaptable to each user and their business problems.

The unique look that we bring to our business and the design of our products, allowed our Matrix-Engine software to be classified in 2018 as an innovative product by the BPI. It is the only software in this category to have obtained this distinction.


Sage chooses Matrix-Engine as a partner for the integration of a CMMS solution in the 200 range.
The set of Templates, Matrix_Industry, Matrix_Health, Matrix_Local Authorities, Matrix_Patrimony associated with the capacities of the Sage solutions brings you the most complete and totally integrated solution, associated with a level of parameterization without equivalent

Our business solutions

CMMS dedicated to industry with mechanical, chemical and food processing modules,
milling company

CMMS dedicated to health organizations (hospitals, laboratories, imaging centres)

CMMS dedicated to hotels and accommodation specialists chains.

CMMS dedicated to the management of buildings and the enhancement of enhancing heritage.

Manage your equipment, optimize your recipes plans, monitor regulatory obligations.

Manage your resources, optimize your means processes

Manage your inventory in multiple warehouses. Maintain tools and repairables.  

Purchase order management, contract monitoring, with audit capability

Adaptable algorithm for activity and performance analysis.

Collect field data in real time. Delete Replace paper documents.  

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