When it comes to equipment and property maintenance, there are many reliable, high-performance and effective tools available for monitoring both the premises and the correct operation of the equipment. On the one hand, these devices are highly cost-effective, in that they considerably reduce labour costs, and on the other, they ensure that the machines are running smoothly, so that no significant costs are lost as a result of breakdowns.

In addition to the tools that enable effective management, the employee at the helm plays a crucial role, such as the rondier: Essential for monitoring equipment and technical installations, his expertise and analysis enable reasoned decision-making.

It is with this in mind that the position of road sweeper must be approached with vigilance and rigour. The main tasks of the surveyor in relation to property and equipment (whether in operation or shut down) are essentially related to the following areas: - Maintenance (level 1 maintenance operations) - Checking equipment in operation (taking readings, recording and analysing parameters, monitoring correct operation,(1)) - Checking equipment that has been shut down (even when shut down, some equipment is supposed to be available, or even to provide an alert for emergency recovery in the event of the failure of a piece of equipment in operation) - Safety (vigilance with regard to the warning signs of a fire and risk factors for personnel) - Security (checking that accesses that are supposed to be closed are actually closed).

In order to carry out these tasks correctly, a series of precise rules must be followed

Firstly, they must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) appropriate to their work (e.g. ear muffs, protective gloves, safety shoes, overalls, etc.).

To ensure safety, a third party (control post, security guard, etc.) must be informed of each round in real time wherever possible. However, some rounds are deemed too dangerous. In such cases, they must be carried out in pairs.

Once the round has been completed, he must ensure that the tasks have been carried out correctly, which often involves creating and analysing detailed reports in the operator's dashboard on "user-oriented" graphical screens.

That's why it's so important for them to have high-performance tools like Matrix Engine CMMS, whose modules are perfectly suited to managing rounds and creating detailed reports, as well as handling all maintenance.

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